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Necromonger "Unspeakable Acts Of An Indifferent God" CD

Necromonger "Unspeakable Acts Of An Indifferent God" CD

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1. Bill Gates' Private Island For Orphan Hunting
2. No Evidence
3. Viscera Pinata
4. Praise The Slab, Feed The Slab
5. Hallelujah By Leonard Cohen
6. Unspeakable Acts Of An Indifferent God
7. Amputated
8. Stomping Bloody Chunks
9. Revenge: Plain, Simple, And Satisfying
10. The Gorefiend Stomp
11. Self Mutilation Or A Fun Saturday Evening
12. Blood And Its Meaning
13. Cannibalism As An Act Of Survival
14. Satanic Blood Rites

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