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PRE-ORDER — Nyctophagia "Broken Human Kingdom" CD

PRE-ORDER — Nyctophagia "Broken Human Kingdom" CD

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Lifeless Chasm Records
• Manufactured in United Kingdom
• Limited to 100
• Bandcamp code

1. Climax Of The Monstrosity
2. Ghost In A Pool Of Vomit
3. Hellscape Reality
4. Telegu Cryptex
5. Henchmen Academy
6. Basement Under The Basement
7. A Wilderness Of Mirrors
8. Positive Sasquatch Encounter
9. Eight Story Building Full Of Piss
10. Whine Of The Human Mosquito
11. Pestilence Accumulator
12. Rotting World Cocoon
13. Nixoned//Enroned
14. Crisis On The Micronation, Pt. II
15. Spreading Of Infection From Dead Meat ('Failed Treatment' Cover)

© Lifeless Chasm Records

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