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Nyctophagia "Terrified Of Tomorrow" CASSETTE

Nyctophagia "Terrified Of Tomorrow" CASSETTE

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Lifeless Chasm Records
• Licensed from Nyctophagia
• Manufactured in United Kingdom
• Limited to 50

A1. Atop The Frozen Mountain Of Garbage
A2. Satanic Assassination
A3. Lose Control Of The Hostages
A4. Black Market Mesothorax
A5. Pumped Full Of Nitroglycerin And Thrown Off A Roof
A6. Earwitness To A Crime
A7. Clouds Go Down In Flames
A8. Crisis On The Micronation
A9. World Toilet
A10. The Facts In The Case Of M. Valdemar (Instant Putrefaction)
B1. Breaking All Your Bones
B2. Perverted World Leader
B3. The Earth Deserves Better
B4. Shoot My Irradiated Body Into Space
B5. Christian Cop Organization
B6. Puncture-Pull Feeding
B7. Squirming Parasites

© Lifeless Chasm Records
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