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Rompeprop "Gargle Cummics" CASSETTE

Rompeprop "Gargle Cummics" CASSETTE

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Gore House Productions

A1. Quackquack
A2. Foreskin Fart
A3. Pikzwarteflikkerkak
A4. Knijnen Met Un V-Hals
A5. M'n Lul
A6. Gr(e)indhoven
A7. Horrorable Hangover
A8. Achmeds Aruem (The Perfect Moshlimb)

B1. Scottish Handcuffs
B2. Tante Shampoo
B3. Bring Out The Dead
B4. Deadmen
B5. Cleveland Steamer
B6. Porn To Be Wild
B7. Stront. Wie Het Oe Gescheten?
B8. Einde

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