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Dead Infection "A Chapter Of Accidents" CASSETTE

Dead Infection "A Chapter Of Accidents" CASSETTE

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Grindfather Productions

A1. From The Atomical Deeps
A2. Autophagia
A3. The End Of Love
A4. Hospital
A5. Incident At Corsica
A6. Airplanes Catastrophe
A7. Little John's Story
A8. Her Heart In Your Hands
A9. Ambulance
A10. Colitis Ulcerosa
A11. Life Of A Surgeon
A12. Fire In The Forest
A13. Damaged Elevator

B1. The Firing Ground
B2. Tragedy At The Railway Station
B3. Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me
B4. Torn By The Lion Apart
B5. The Merry-Go-Round
B6. Airplanes Catastrophe

Live In Herten Germany 1996
B7. Mru!
B8. Consequence ('Ulcerous Phlegm' Cover)
B9. Heart In Your Hands
B10. After Accident
B11. Sinful Life Of Franciszek Bula
B12. The Merry-Go-Round
B13. Fire In The Forest
B14. Tragedy At Railway Station

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