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Gorupted x Gore "Split" CASSETTE

Gorupted x Gore "Split" CASSETTE

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Surrogate Rec.

— Gorupted
AB1. Organ Slurry
AB2. Choke On 'Em
AB3. Severed Ear
AB4. Trioxin
AB5. Bloody Sphere

— Gore
AB6. Horrors At Nightmare Asylum
AB7. Morbid Anomalies Collections
AB8. Puke Bubbles
AB9. Raw Meat Eaters
AB10. Genesis Of Deceases
AB11. Metastasis To The Genital Tract
AB12. Intra Abdomial Injuries Case
AB13. Stench Of Carbonized Tissues
AB14. Tales Of Horror Mask
AB15. Organs, Cavities Begin Liquify

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