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Moviereview "Death To All Humans" CASSETTE

Moviereview "Death To All Humans" CASSETTE

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Lifeless Chasm Records
• Licensed from Moviereview
• Manufactured in United Kingdom
• Limited to 100

AB1. Special Order 937
AB2. Hunter Rather-not-erer
AB3. General MIDI And Corporal Punishment
AB4. Alien Sushi
AB5. Legitimate Motion Picture
AB6. Lovekraft DInner And A Movie
AB7. Pure Norwegian Sweden
AB8. External Organs
AB9. The Dead Zone Is For Loading And Unloading Only
AB10. No Rhythm, No Harmony, No Morality, No Fun
AB11. Infinite Cannability
AB12. Facts Are Whatever You Want Them To Be
AB13. Low-Budget Discontinuous Editing
AB14. Copyright A Wrong

© Lifeless Chasm Records
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