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Mutated Sex Organ "Rapture In Fetal Decay" CASSETTE

Mutated Sex Organ "Rapture In Fetal Decay" CASSETTE

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Grindfather Productions & Scum Lord Records

A1. Secreted Bile
A2. Dead And Erect
A3. Decadent Erotic Mastication
A4. Thrombocytopenic Purpura
A5. Hallucinating Deformities
A6. Corrosive Genital Deformity
A7. Dysenteric Eruptions
A8. Hemorrhagic Impetus
A9. Intestinal Refoulment
A10. Necrotic Fumigation

B1. Rapture In Fetal Decay
B2. Fecal Deformity
B3. Scalding Peptic Heap
B4. Showered In Mucus
B5. Mutated Sex Organ
B6. Skinwalkers
B7. The Craving
B8. Artistic Eye Extraction

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