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Naegleria Fowleri "Dissolved In Substance" CD

Naegleria Fowleri "Dissolved In Substance" CD

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Pathologically Explicit Recordings

1. Intro
2. Whirlpool Dive
3. The Molten Horror Of The Contents Of The Uterus
4. The Fusion Of Rotten Flesh
5. Floating In Dissolved
6. Dissolved In Substance
7. Violent Reaction
8. Microworld Killer
9. A Terrifying Mirage Of Decomposition
10. The Snow Turned Into Streams Of...
11. On The Torture Bench Of Bliss
12. Civilization Suicide
13. A Typewriter With Blood
14. The Door Opened With A Chainsaw
15. Tooth-Suckin'
16. Sailed To Rot
17. Non-Medical Amputation
18. Outro

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