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Nyctophagia "Prisoners Of A Poison Realm" CASSETTE

Nyctophagia "Prisoners Of A Poison Realm" CASSETTE

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Lifeless Chasm Records
• Licensed from Nyctophagia
• Manufactured in United Kingdom
• Limited to 50

A1. Crushing A Skyscraper
A2. The Specs Aren't On The Black Market
A3. Plans For Museum Invasion.doc
A4. McCormack-Dickstein Committee
A5. Chest Cavity Filled With Cement
A6. The Stink Of Life
A7. Time to Say Goodbye
A8. Machine Sex

B1. Case Of The Chemical Syndicate
B2. Impotent Redeemer
B3. Uncircumsize Your Mind
B4. Male Torso Collection ('Neuro-Visceral Exhumation' Cover)
B5. Huff The Invisible Plume
B6. Don't Turn His Crushed Face On Me ('Dead Infection' Cover)
B7. Financial Necropsy
B8. Midnight At the Castle Of Berat

© Lifeless Chasm Records
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