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Rompeprop "Hellcock's Pornflakes" CASSETTE

Rompeprop "Hellcock's Pornflakes" CASSETTE

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Gore House Productions

A1. Intro / The Liberation Of Eidhoven
A2. Vaginal Luftwaffe
A3. Embryoyo
A4. Vulcanic Eskimo
A5. Coughin' Coffin
A6. Swimming In Neanderthalers

B1. Concrete Hamburger
B2. Pussyjuice Chup A Chup
B3. Hellcock's Porn Flakes
B4. Anal Sushi
B5. R.O.M.P.E.P.R.O.P.
B6. The Sadistic Death Of Ruud Ter Weijden / Outro

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