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Sulfuric Cautery "Suffocating Feats Of Dehumanization" CASSETTE

Sulfuric Cautery "Suffocating Feats Of Dehumanization" CASSETTE

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Selfmadegod Records

A1. Torrential Regurgitation
A2. Prying Out Teeth For Information
A3. Fatal Prescription Incentive
A4. Rat Castration
A5. Euphoric Atrocities
A6. Atrophy
A7. Neurosarcocleisis
A8. Failed Pneuma
A9. Contradictive Ideology
A10. Cast Off Blood Splatter
A11. Informant Disembowelment

B1. Incorrect Diagnosis Resulting In Fatal Hypoxia
B2. Mouth And Lungs Stuffed With Fiberglass
B3. Nitrogen Narcosis
B4. Gasoline Sewers
B5. Lung Puncturing Fetish
B6. Compulsive Retaliation
B7. Unequivocally Humorless
B8. Systematic Dehumanization Propaganda
B9. Solemn Epiphany

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